Bent’s Old Fort Historic Association
To Preserve, Protect, and Honor the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Bent’s Old Fort
Through Public Awareness, Program Support and Education

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February 17, 2013

The Bent's Old Fort Historic Association is a diverse group of individuals with a common goal to preserve, protect  and honor our natural and cultural heritage at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site through public awareness, education, and support of special programs at the site.  


The Bent’s Old Fort Historical Association was founded as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and incorporated under the laws of Colorado.  The Association is authorized to function and conduct business associated with Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site (NHS) under agreement with the National Park Service (NPS). The purpose of the Association is to aid and promote the historical, cultural, scientific  and educational activities of Bent’s Old Fort NHS and the NPS as follows:

A. Promote, encourage and foster the educational, interpretive, and related visitor service activities of Bent’s Old Fort NHS through the income generated by grants, donations and the sale of commercial items.


B. Provide services to Bent’s Old Fort NHS visitors through the sale or distribution of appropriate books, folders, maps, and other illustrative, interpretive and educational materials either on site, or through a website as may be approved by Bent’s Old Fort and the Association Board.


C. Assist and support, through donations of appropriate equipment, materials, cash, and services, the interpretive, training, and educational programs of Bent’s Old Fort NHS and the NPS.  


D. Sponsor or cosponsor the publication of appropriate printed materials and online documents and images.


E. Develop, produce, sell, and distribute appropriate theme-related objects as approved by Bent’s Old Fort.




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We’re Back!


After a three month absence, the Bent’s Old Fort Historic Association is back on-line.  Updates on Association doings will be posted soon.  

Bent’s Old Fort NHS

will be host for the

2015 Fur Trade Symposium: September 23-26


The 2015 Fur Trade Symposium is intended to examine the significance of the fur and robe trade of the Southern Rocky Mountains and Plains to the economic, cultural and social impacts on the peoples involved, as well as related commercial, environmental and political aspects of the trade.  An outstanding group of highly accomplished speakers will share their expertise on all aspects of trade in the Southwest.


 There will be opportunities to volunteer to help with this exciting event.